Hand sanitiser in passenger transport vehicles

Most hand sanitisers consist out of 70% alcohol (or some 65%) and therefor it is flammable. We have interviewed some fire, risk and transport industry...

Financial Services Providers getting ready to return to work

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, we look at what the requirements of Financial Services Providers who are opening their offices again.

Sharing the Ibiliti way of remote working

We are going through the most significant remote working experience in history. Some of our valued brokers will choose to continue to work remotely even when the lockdown ends.

Brush up on your knowledge of third-party vehicle insurance even if you think you know exactly what it entails

Accidents happen. The average motorist will be in about four car accidents in the course of a lifetime, according to motor insurance industry experts.

Are you aware of how AARTO will impact your business?

The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act was signed into law recently. The aim of these regulations is to make South Africa’s roads...

We want to see South African girls and women blossom!

I am not only a businesswoman. I am also a mum, a daughter, a friend, a global citizen, a fierce advocate for women's rights and a fairy who cares deeply...

Risk Management tips for companies over the silly season

The festive season is only a few weeks away and shopping malls have already begun spreading December cheer with music and sparkly, colourful decorations.

The AARTO effect on insurance

Exceeded the speed limit? Minus 2 to 4 points. Exceeded the speed limit by 40km/h? Minus 6 points. Drove under the influence? Minus 6 points. Accumulated 12 points because of

Why and how business owners should take charge of their insurance renewals!

When you renew your insurance policy, you change the existing insurance contract. You basically enter into a brand-new agreement without going through the entire proposal and acceptance process again.

What every Bus Owner, Driver and Passenger MUST know!

Bus drivers have a tough job. They have the huge responsibility of operating a vehicle that carries our greatest asset: The people who make the economy of this country work every day.

Fast track your claims and avoid rejection with these 13 top tips

When life happens and you must claim, you want the matter to be settled swiftly so that you can return to normal. At Ibiliti, we make it simple for you to get back to business ASAP.

Smart, easy claims – in your pocket

When life happens and you must claim, you want the matter to be settled swiftly so that you can return to normal. And NOW you can do just that: Get your claim sorted in seconds.

The Human Face of Insurance

Why we decided to shake things up and change our brand When we started Ibiliti in 2011, we had a dream to change the way people see the insurance world and we came up with our slogan, “We do what we say. That simple!”

8 Top tips for selecting a broker

A competent broker is a vital component in the short-term insurance chain. It is their duty to act as an impartial and objective intermediary between clients, underwriters and insurers. They make sure that you get the best deal, cover and claim service.

7 Solid Reasons Smart Business Owners Should Consider Excess Cover Policies

Excesses on short-term insurance policies for businesses could range from a few hundred Rands to tens of thousands of Rands. On big ticket items like trucks, buses, LDVs or plant