How can we help you?

Ibiliti brings a range of niche insurance products to the table, with the higher purpose of making the world a better place for our people in business.

Even though the insurance industry is becoming increasingly commoditised, automated and digitally disrupted finding the right broker is critical to the performance of a business policy. It is very hard to replace specialist interaction and human understanding.  Ibiliti continually reinforces the role of professional insurance brokers who are experts in their fields.

Business Cover Proposal


We are in complete awe of every business, because together, every business makes a big difference in our economy. At Ibiliti, we understand every business in our Rainbow Nation, is different; often not catered for by mainstream Insurers. One simple solution that is easy to understand, adaptable and designed to cover South African business owners who fall within a low risk category. The policy consists of various sections covering the main classes of short-term commercial insurance i.e. property, motor, theft, liability etc. but also accommodating personal lines insurance for business owners and partners.
Ideal for
Mobile Business
Mobile Business


The core structure of the policy will always remain the same in terms of the cover, benefits and excesses applied.

The product is flexible and can easily be adapted.

Targets certain segments that qualify for automatic benefits or supplemented covers at an additional premium that will not be available to unrelated industries.

Excess Buydown Proposal


At Ibiliti, we have first-hand understanding of the debilitating effect unexpected excess payments can have on a business’ cash flow, in the event of a claim. This is exactly what motivated us to innovate our Excess Cover to empower businesses to buy down those often-substantial insurance excesses. Best of all, this is a standalone product. To qualify, their underlying policy does not have to be with us, they simply have to be insured with any South African insurer. Do you know how much your excess is? When last did you check how much you will be responsible for in the event of a claim? Have you budgeted for the unforeseen expense?
Ideal for
Any vehicles
Any vehicles
Plant & Machinery
Plant & Machinery
Goods in Transit
Goods in Transit
Property & Contents
Property & Contents
Theft & Accidents
Theft & Accidents


Cash flow relief in the event of a claim when the underlying insurer deducts the excess.

The Excess policy is a stand-alone product. The underlying policy does not have to be placed with us.

Almost any excess can be reduced across multiple types of underlying policies for the same insured.

Bus Proposal


To all the bus and coach operators out there, this message is especially from us, to you. We at Ibiliti love to tell you, we have profound respect for the work you do to carry our country’s most precious cargo… our people! Which is why we asked ourselves: “How can we help you?” It is not just a matter of getting a vehicle back on the road as quick as possible but the responsibility to act immediately in the case of emergencies weighs heavily on all parties involved. This is an extensive insurance solution for all types of bus operators to overcome the risk they face in the passenger transport industry.
Ideal for
Commuter services
Commuter services
Scholar transport
Scholar transport
Tour operators
Tour operators
Shuttle services
Shuttle services
Intercity services
Intercity services


The solution is flexible in structure and allows for customised underwriting.

State-of-the-art technology ensures risk management, claims management, fund management, emergency response and underwriting efficiency.

Ibiliti was appointed as the Official Insurance provider by the Southern African Bus Operators Association (SABOA) from 1st December 2014 until 31st November 2019.  Ibiliti successfully served SABOA Operators for a period of 5 years and will continue to diligently provide for the specialist needs of SABOA members.

What people say about us

I started working with Yolande and her team 4 years ago when she was awarded the SABOA insurance contract. Indwe was appointed as the sole National Broker to market the SABOA product, and as such I had an opportunity to work closely with the Ibiliti team in an effort to make the SABOA scheme a success. Reflecting back over the last 4 years, I got to experience all aspects of what Ibiliti had to offer, including marketing, quoting, underwriting, claims and most importantly, sorting problems out with clients. I can safely say that Ibiliti surpassed all my expectations in all of the above situations, and they are now not merely Insurance providers, but are partners in our business objectives. Yolande has instilled a very special culture in her staff, which has resulted in a work environment that makes doing business with Ibiliti an absolute pleasure. Ibiliti has demonstrated a desire to adopt modern business practises which allows for seamless, timeous transactional turnaround time. In conclusion, I would recommend all Brokers to experience the Ibiliti way of business because it comes as a refreshing change.
Steve Cornelius
– Indwe Risk Services
Having worked in the insurance industry for over a decade I have worked with various insurance companies and underwriting managers alike. In my personal opinion Ibiliti Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd is one of the premier commercial short-term insurance product providers in South Africa. The overall service is phenomenal, from queries which are answered accurately and professionally to turnaround times that far exceed a brokers expectations. There is always a willingness to assist, whether it be from the tea lady or senior management. The products are tailored to suit any potential clients needs which fall within Ibiliti’s specialized sector. The staff have a unique ability to make you feel comfortable and part of their family. I highly recommend and commend Ibiliti.
Vaughn Schlooz
– Honsha Financial Services
MFS has received outstanding service from Ibiliti Underwriting Managers, claims has been handled professionally, timeously and effortless, staff members are polite and know how to provide excellent service. Our clients are happy to be insured with Ibiliti.
Imraan Dukandar
- MAN Financial Services (S.A.) (Pty) Ltd
I have been dealing with Ibiliti Underwriters since 2011 and have always found their underwriting, claims and accounts to be of outstanding service. They are quick and extremely accurate. They are open to negotiation with regards to premiums when necessary and one of the most impressive things for me is that I have never encountered a staff member be it telephonically or via email to be offish, rude or unpleasant. It is amazing they all so friendly, helpful and caring and always end with a positive note by wishing us a pleasant day i.e. just not business to the point and end off. If you land up at a wrong department with a certain query, what is very impressive is that the staff member that answered the phone, will take down your details and query and ensure that the correct person phones us back with a reply (which they always do). In other words there is no attitude that this is not my job description and we must speak to the correct person. Real teamwork by helping one another whether it is their department or not. That is impressive.
Zami Silva
– Courtyard Insurance Brokers
Compliance and the interest of clients take centre stage at Ibiliti. Ibiliti is one of the few Underwriters that take the time to educate their clients on their products and to give the necessary support. They supply innovative products and ensure that each policy cater for the needs of their clients. It has been a privilege to work with such highly skilled and professional staff over the past couple of years.
Victor De Bruyn
– Lindsay Keller Attorneys

Why choose us?

Helping businesses in our sunny Mzansi thrive through niche insurance products, since 2011.

Our insurance products are brought to you by our exclusive inner circle of top insurance brokers only, whom we are both deeply humbled and proud to have on board.  All our policies and quotes are presented in a way which is easy-to-understand and transparent, without hidden T’s and C’s. With a warm human understanding of what it is like to be in your shoes and just how frustrating insurance processes can be, Ibiliti has also developed cutting-edge technology to enables us to complete any transaction in record time, when compared to the industry norm. But, because we believe technology is ultimately meant to serve humanity, and not the other way around, our friendly team is always on standby to render personal support, when you most need it.  Essentially, we at Ibiliti are just people, with the genuine desire to serve other people.

Ibiliti provides brokers with quality products, flexible solutions, excellent service, seamless software, real-time portfolio management tools as well as training and support. Assisting all parties to focus on their main functions and thereby ensuring efficiency.

We bridge the gap between expensive underwriting and administration costs thereby saving everyone involved time and money.


As Ibiliti Underwriting Managers continues to grow, the focus remains on:

  • Bringing exceptional change to the way our selected short-term brokers are enabled and supported.
    Through creating an outstanding, reliable, and educational broker experience. Our training material gives brokers certainty when face to face with a consumer.
  • Continuously exceeding customer expectations.
    Assistance to respond to challenges, market conditions, and opportunities faster through instant information and transparency. Our infrastructure ensures we deliver the most order and organisation to our broker base, ensuring optimal efficiency.
  • Remaining a company committed to the highest ethical standards.
    Collaboration through transparency. Access to information where and when it is needed. A company culture where all team members values the fair treatment of customers, regulatory requirements and advisory role of brokers.

What you get?

  • The Ibiliti facility is offered to selected committed brokers only
  • Brokers deal with decision makers and competent representatives
  • Products are easy to understand and supported by user-friendly, internet-driven software and product specific training
  • Fast turn-around time for processing quotations and new business
  • Competitive premiums
  • Efficient claims service using online technology
  • Apply for an Agency
    To obtain quotes and place policies, all intermediaries must apply for an agency with Ibiliti. Quotations will not be provided to brokers whose agency has not been approved.
  • Get access to our system
    Online management modules let intermediaries view real-time data and manage their accounts and policies online: Policies can be viewed section by section, with version controlled itemised charges and payment history. Flexible reporting and data analysis enables the refinement of business opportunities.
  • Products
    All products are available online. Policy wordings are written in plain English. Benefits, terms and conditions have been summarised for the broker on each product. Brokers are supported with online Product specific training which is available 24/7.
  • Monthly reports
    Brokers receive their Commission Statements, Loss Ratios every month and have access to other portfolio data online to get information instantly when it is needed.

How we do it?

  • Assist the broker to find innovative ways to penetrate the market in the current economy
  • Provide solutions to promote existing client base retention
  • Offer operational efficiency to ensure the long-term sustainability of intermediaries
  • Keep up with the times through investing in the latest technology
  • Adapt to the increasing demands of the regulatory environment

Ibiliti Underwriting Managers is a privately owned specialist underwriter established in 2011, offering a range of short-term insurance products aimed at business owners.

Honoured to act on behalf of Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited, Ibiliti offers the full suite of binder functions relating to insurance. This includes policy design, underwriting, policy issuing, claims handling and all ancillary administration functions. MFRF holds a AAA Fitch Rating and is a B-BBEE Contributor.

Our vision

We started Ibiliti because of our passion for the short-term insurance industry and the joy that we receive in delivering real value to our brokers. We believe in thinking differently about insurance solutions to creatively transform and simplify traditional processes. We are focused on challenging the way things are done currently.

Our mission

It is our goal to be the premier commercial short-term insurance product provider, offering a vast number policyholders practical solutions to cover and manage their business exposures for their respective specialist industries, through superior service, tailored quality products, advanced technology, broker support and superior operating results, setting the benchmark for adding value!

Our values

Recognising opportunities; making the most of it whilst enabling everyone to reach their potential.
Being mindful of our overall responsibilities.
Recognising ability, honesty and integrity to create a competent environment.
Offering long-term solutions and not just products.
Adapting to cater to the unique needs of our brokers
and their clients.
Nurturing a winning network of partners through ethics and mutual loyalty.
Maximising return to our principals, as well as the brokers’ bottom line.
Open to new ideas and solutions to adjust to new conditions and changing environments.

A visual explanation of how we save time and money by transacting efficiently and accurately, for the ultimate insurance experience.

One document that describes who we are, why we do it and what we stand for.

A comprehensive guide describing Ibiliti’s working relationship with the broker.

Offering our commitment to satisfy policy holders and support brokerages to grow their companies.


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