In terms of the Financial Advisors and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act,  all South African financial service advisors are required by law to obtain a license to practise from the Financial Services Board (FSB).

Ibiliti Underwriting Managers are licensed to provide Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services as a Financial Services provider in respect of the following products.

Short-Term Insurance: Categories:

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines


To obtain quotes and place policies all brokers need to apply for an agency with Ibiliti Underwriting Managers. Upon application you need to complete our two page application form, sign the Agency Agreement and supply us with the supporting documentation as stated on the agreement.

Successful applications will be processed by providing you with a copy of the signed Agency Agreement, an Ibiliti Agency number and our Service Undertaking. The agreement must be signed by both parties. You will be provided with a Username and Password to access the 1Web system in order to submit quotations and endorsement requests.

Agencies will only be granted to competent brokers in their lines of expertise subject to an interview and commitment to place a minimum of 10 active policies within a period of six months.

We do not provide any quotations to any broker whose agency has not been approved.

Delegated Authority
We do not delegate any authority to intermediares to quote, bind business, issue policy schedules or handle any claims on our behalf.

Scope of the conflict of interest management policy.

This policy is aligned with the General Code of Conduct for Authorised Financial Services Providers and Representatives Amendment Notice, 2010 ("the Code"), published in Board Notice, 58 of 2010 and the words and expressions used in this policy will bear the meaning assigned to them in accordance with the Code. 

All complaints relating to Ibiliti Underwriting Managers will be recorded and kept in the complaints register.

Protecting the Insured's privacy is of utmost importance to Ibiliti Underwriting Managers.

We respect your privacy and the confidential nature of your personal information.  We have developed this Privacy Policy in order to safeguard personal information and to protect the confidentiality thereof.  In doing so, we have taken cognisance of the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, 108 of 1996, the Electronic Communications Act, 25 of 2002 and common law so as to ensure compliance with all relevant statutory requirements and best practice under South African law.

It is in everbody's best interest to report suspicious behaviour, unauthentic claims or anything that you believe constitutes unethical behaviour that you witnessed or heard about somewhere.

Insurance fraud was born shortly after the concept of insurance was discovered, and it costs honest consumers billions of Rands every year because insurance providers have to increase the cost of premiums in order to take into account the substantial rate of fraud that is bound to occur.

If you suspect fraud you can report it to the Insurance Fraudline: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or dial 0860 002 526

Ibiliti provides and Account Blocking facility, used mostly by our approved brokers as a mechanism to disallow use of the 1Web system in the case of non-payment or non-compliance by a User.

You may may request us to assist you or you may report the incident to 1Web who will then contact us and make arrangements to ban a User from accessing the system.

The TCF principle aims to raise standards in the way companies carry on their business, introducing changes that will benefit customers and increase their confidence in the financial services industry.  TCF specifically aims to help customers to fully understand the features, benefits, risks and costs of the financial products they buy as well as minimising the sale of unsuitable products by encouraging best practice before, during and after a sale.



Saia Code of Conduct

It is a well-known fact that the insurance industry has a challenge with regards to its image and reputation in the eyes of many consumers, and within areas of government, the regulator, and the media. Consumers have quite rightly set high standards for service and value for money and are quick to exercise their rights when they feel aggrieved.

The recent (and ongoing) economic crisis emphasises the risks involved for consumers and other participants in the financial services arena, the necessity for measures to ensure that individuals, companies and other entities follow rules that will result in a fair deal for consumers and a stable operating environment for product providers.


Binder Regulations

The binder regulations became effective 1st January 2012.

The reason the binder regulations has been introduced is because Insurer binder functions must comply with both Directive 159 (effective 1st April 2012) and the Binder Regulations (These two regulations must be read together). It applies to all aspects of insurance business (except for intermediary services)

The Insurer remains accountable and responsible for outsourcing Governance to avoid conflict of interest.


Ibiliti Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd - Reg No: 2011/004766/07. An Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP No: 43404. Copyright ­­© 2018.
We follow the guidelines of SAIA and subscribe to the Ombud of the Short-Term Insurance and is subject to the jurisdiction of the FAIS Ombud. Click here to view our policies or contact us.